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Updated: May 25, 2019


God Glimpses #56 ~ Reflections

This is a guest post from my friend, Debbie Richardson.


At first, I was really disappointed in my inability to capture the whole picture in this shot… I got the reflection but not what is being reflected. Then an idea came to me… What if in life, some people can’t handle the whole picture of God but if they can see His reflection in us, then they can see a glimpse of His beauty? Maybe just enough to wrap their minds and hearts around until they can lift their heads and see it all? I’ve been there myself… Sometimes you need just enough of a peek to get the courage to see what else might be there. Thoughts? Is part of the picture enough to draw us in sometimes? Or maybe all we can handle? Just my ramblings on a lazy Saturday morning in a beautiful place I call home. ~

May we all strive to reflect Him undistorted. And may we all have the courage to really see Him and the amazing life we can have if we truly trust.

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