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2021 is Going to be Better!

I promise!

2020 was a year like no other. I publish to support our family, and I run a nonprofit food pantry to support our community. While it started out that I assisted my husband, that has flipped as time goes on. He's dealing with enough on his slow road back from cancer. So 2020 has been all about the food pantry, and adjusting constantly to meet needs. At the beginning of the year we had a handfull of volunteers and fed a fraction of the clients we now serve at the end of the year. The amount of paperwork and coordination of volunteers, food sourcing and organizing has been a bit mind-boggling, but I survived and thrived.

So, what am I promising? Maybe I should promise not to promise ~ isn't that a lesson we all took away from our Covid year? But, now that I have nearly a year of experience running a food pantry at warp speed, I feel confident to say that 2021 should be easier to balance. Things that made me hyper-ventilate a year ago make me chuckle with assurance now. I've seen God provide again and again. 2020 was a year of Abundance. This was a huge lesson for the girl who sees the negative and the worst-case scenario by default. And isn't it ironic that this website is supposed to help you creatively plan, survive and thrive? Well, that's pretty much how God works in our lives. He lets us go through things so that we see what the problem is, so that the solution is clear when the time is right. A year ago I was ready to throw in the towel, move into a van and live life on the road. If you don't believe me, I can share my hundreds of bookmarks for everything from teardrop camper self-builds to Luton box vans, and all the minutiae that it takes to live the downsized life. It still holds some appeal. What I've had to face is that I was coming at it from a survival mindset. I'm still not past that, but I'm convinced that I'm not going to be finished with this journey until I've learned what thriving really means. Step one this year is taking the lessons from 2020 and applying them to my overall life. I've learned that I don't have to micro-manage the pantry any longer. I have volunteers who are willing and even eager to lend a hand and improve on the changes I've implemented. It's never run more smoothly. That means that I can use 2021 to learn to do the same with my publishing and website. More books, more posts, more information you can use. And more transparency as I share with you how to survive in this messed up world with an abundant mindset. That's my promise. I'm going to be diligent about sharing content that you can use in your own life experience. If you have topics you'd like me to explore, please contact me. 2021 is not a year to live in isolation, it's a year to reach out and make a difference!

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