~ My Garden Journals ~

I came up with my own first garden journal because even with garden and nursery experience, I need to keep records of much more than my memory allows. It's frustrating when you realize you've weeded out your prize perennials!

When I looked for a journal to buy, I found that there were no journals that had the forms needed to record the actual information used by true gardeners. Some, but not enough, or in the right way. Working in an award-winning nursery gave me the insight needed, and being able to draw and having publishing experience helped, too. 

I hope you'll find these journals helpful! I get as many or more thanks from gift-recipients as from those who purchase it for themselves. Knowing that helps me feel that my gardening snafus have served the greater good. 

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This is my first, and most complete garden journal. Perhaps a bit too complete! The only complaint I get is that it has forms to include too much information for the "casual gardener." While I get that it can seem overwhelming at first, having the option and seeing the need to record information is valuable. No one says you have to fill in every detail or every type of form, but it's nice to have that available for when you do have the need.

Click on the book image to go to Amazon, where you'll find a full description. (When you click on MORE in the description, if you'll scroll down, you'll see a bullet list of all the forms included.)

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A much simpler diary for those who want to keep a record of what they planted in each bed and make notes throughout the year in their own way. 

The following forms and informational pages are included: 

  • 100 lined Diary pages

  • 10 Garden Plot Graph pages

  • 10 lined Garden Bed Notations pages opposite the graph pages

  • Pest and disease prevention information

  • Plant propagation information

  • Weights and measures tables

  • Conversion tables 

  • Zone map

There are more garden journals in the works! Next out will be one with a little more fun and a little less work, entitled:

~ The Unripe Gardener's Journal, Planner and Log Book with Art & Science Fun (Ages 8-88)

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