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Weeds Galore!

Remember that post titled, "I owe you an explanation?"

I'm showing you my weeds. Yep, the proof that I've been letting things slide while running a food pantry during a pandemic.

You see, I feel like a major hypocrite--writing, illustrating and publishing garden journals--when I know I have more weeds than 95% of the people who purchase my journals. I've had to decide that there are some things more important than keeping up appearances.

It's so bad, my neighbors put their house up for sale. I kid you not. I used the shade from one of their giant packing boxes to help me see my phone while I took the pictures just now. Okay, so maybe they have other reasons to sell. But still, I know what I'd think if I was my neighbor.

We've all had to make decisions about our priorities during this time. My guess is that a lot of you who garden have better looking gardens than ever before right now.

Even if you aren't laid off from your job, gardening is one of the best stress-busters there is. It's great exercise and you get double the endorphens. Exercise itself produces endorphens--those feel-good hormones--and then you get the extras from being able to see visible and immediate proof of your efforts. How often do you get that at work?

So what about you?

  • How have your priorities changed with this pandemic?

  • Have you found creative ways to de-stress?

Bonus question: What topics would you like to see on this blog?

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1 Comment

'Weeds' make me feel human -

the poor, homeless, the lost.

Lemme tella youse summoe

without d'New Joisey axent:

'If you die before you die, when you die, you will never die' -Jesus ● ● Cya soon, miss gorgeous...

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