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~ My Student Planners ~

These came about because my children and students didn't have student planners that made sense. First of all, classes and teachers and professors change with each semester.

But student planners only have enough class requirement pages (if they even have them) to use for one semester - in a one year planner. What's with that? None of the planners we found had added pages for additional info.


So, using the student's input, I designed a planner that can be used for all classes for an entire semester, or as a project planners. The undated layout means it can be tweaked to the max.

One Semester DIY front cover.jpg

8.5 x 11"

Are you a student?


This is the D.I.Y. student planner for your inner rebel! 

You're a creative student. You need the flexibility to record your schedule of classes and activities in the way that works best for you.

Plan one semester at a time, and avoid being overwhelmed.

There are no dates filled in; there are no suggestions for what to put in what box (other than the form for your individual classes.) Since you might possibly want to pass those classes, it might be a good idea to fill in the requirements. No pressure. It's your life.

Know a Student?

Give them a gift that will keep them connected with their teachers and class requirements - with a more logical class requirement information form than any planner I've found.

Click on the book image to go to Amazon for a complete description. 

SM One Semester front cover.jpg
Same book, different size! 

Click on the book image to go to Amazon.

7.5 x 9.25"

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