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I Owe You an Explanation!

I'm sure many of you have come here to check out my site since ordering one of my garden journals, and have wondered what's going on. Why haven't I been posting? Especially since I just released a new journal, The Unripe Gardener. Shouldn't I be here, posting like a mad woman? Well, the mad woman part might be right, as I feel like I've barely kept my sanity a few times over the past few months. But it's not quite what many people have been going through. I haven't been doing puzzles or crafts because I can't work at my day job, like so many. I've been working harder than just about any time in my life. It's the food pantry. You see, I started this whole thing of making garden journals as a way to raise money for our nonprofit Lifewerks's Giving Garden Food Pantry and to support ourselves so we could afford to volunteer our time to run it.

Just about the time I was publishing The UnRipe Gardener, the state shut down, and the number of people coming to our food pantry exploded. We fed over 1,000 people in the month of May alone. It meant participating in food drives, sometimes several times a week, organizing triple the number of volunteers and completely revamping the way we ran the pantry.

Now, I'm working on those taxes that got put on hold when the deadline was extended. So it will be late July before the pressure will let up. But I should have told you what was going on before now. I apologize. I do have great plans for this site, I really do. But, we all know that plans can change in a heartbeat. If we didn't before Covid, we do now. I hope you have a terrific summer. I promise to post a picture of my "taller than me by a lot" weeds that are grinning and waving at me every time I walk by them, on my way to do something, anything, except garden! Anyone want to come dig up some weeds while I feed people? sigh.

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