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~ Smile, You’re on Driver’s License Camera

Updated: May 25, 2019

Moe drivers license

Ya gotta love PA.

They keep snapping driver’s license photos until we have one we like – no kidding!

It changed from the former mug shots to this kind of treatment maybe ten years ago. The reason? They find it easier to identify people when they’re pulled over if that actually look like themselves. Also the police get to tell people to smile, which makes the whole ticketing process humorous.

Remembering this little fact about our state made me smile, too. It’s a little like reading Proverbs, which is constantly reminding us that people will generally treat us the same way that we treat them.

In the old days we’d stand in a long line of grumbling people, and walk out a couple of hours later with a mug shot only fit for a police file. Now the whole process lasts a few minutes, most of which is spent taking several pictures and showing the results for approval amidst smiles and laughter.

Once again, God’s way wins. Smile!

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