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I’m no DaVinci

Updated: May 25, 2019

But, on the other hand, I’m not normal, either. Did you know that DaVinci only completed six paintings in his life time? OK, there were a few other things he did besides some very good portraits, such as invent machines to do just about everything imaginable, and carve incredible sculptures out of solid marble without a power tool (in spite of his inventiveness.)

So why am I saying this? Well, I just updated my website, and it became apparent that, while I may feel like I never finish anything, and nothing ever gets done, something is getting done, and God has done some amazing things through me, with me and for me.

Why do we grouse so much? Let’s pull out those pictures and those memories and count the many ways God has blessed our lives. You may not be a writer or an artist, or even the parent of teenage daughters, but there is something you have to show for all your hard work, and when you add it all together, can’t you see God’s hand directing and guiding and providing?

He was there all the time.

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