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~ Cheshire Grin

Updated: May 27, 2019

Do you have a secret worth grinning about?

This T-shirt reminded me of that feeling I get inside when I remember that I’m His.

No matter what stuff is going on around me, no matter how people misinterpret my motives or intentions, no matter what life throws at me to take me down or take me out, I have this grin inside that won’t go away.

People who don’t know this peace that passes understanding haughtily proclaim that Christians think they’re better than everyone around them.

Most often it’s simply a matter of that grin that escapes us when we shouldn’t be grinning that drives them mad. I’m sorry, I try to hold it in, but sometimes it just escapes.

When there is no logic for peace and security, it’s there, it’s unnatural, it’s supernatural. Not my fault if that shakes people up. I keep trying to share what I have, but they’re afraid of that grin–it creeps them out. If I could just figure out how to wipe this smile off my face . . . .

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