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Updated: May 27, 2019

Widener ID tag

My husband’s ID tag for Widener University, where’s he’s one of the chaplains.

Coming home alone from the hospital, where he was a cardiac patient last month, I sat down at the dining room table and saw this, laying there, and I got a glimpse of his heart.

The doctors said he needs to reduce his stress, cut back on his activities. But how does a man cut back on where his heart takes him? He cares about the students there and at Cabrini college where he has radio programs.

(Note: It's been several years since this post, and Widener decided that it didn't need chaplains. But that hasn't stopped Chuck from ministering to the students there. In fact, he seems to be doing more. And that's in spite of the kidney cancer that nearly killed him multiple times in the fall of 2016.)

It amazes me how coincidences seem to appear everywhere in my walk with Christ. Just today (5/27/19) I'm going over past blog posts while I revamp my website. Tomorrow we go back to the hospital for a CT scan to determine if his cancer has returned and the extent of the danger of the hernia that resulted from the removal of a kidney.

His body is broken, for sure. And yet he's still working 40 hours a week, running a nonprofit that's not small, and lead pastor of our church - which is small, but mighty. He wants to live, and he wants to find a way to do even more. He's frustrated with needing to work to support himself, and I'm frustrated with him. I'm also broken. We're both working on regaining strength lost and bodily function.

My hope is that I'll find a way to earn enough income to support both of us. That would give him the freedom to minister in the way he dreams of.

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