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~ It’s all Muck

Updated: May 27, 2019

man with a muckrake

If we can't see glimpses of God in our daily lives, it's because we are guilty of exactly what this painting portrays. We're so enthralled with the meaningless and useless trappings of the blessings of God that we lose the desire for God himself. What an amazing and sarcastic portrayal of our childish outlook!

This painting is called The Muck Rake. It depicts all the worthless stuff we pursue instead of the One who gives us all we need. I can see why it's not one of the paintings that is popular. Ouch.

(A note - this isn't reproduced with the permission of Mr. Haydon Hare, but was found as a free source. My apologies if that information is not correct, and I will take it down if requested by the owner of reproduction rights. Meanwhile, I offer it for the world at large for the powerful message it sends. It's hard to imagine an injustice that doesn't feature greed.

Note: Muck is the name of what is raked out of animal stalls.

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