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Which trees grow best in rocky ground?

photo of large evergreen with it's roots wrapping around a large boulder.
Photo of evergreen sitting on a boulder from my trip to Stowe, VT.

Most trees will grow anywhere they can get enough nutrients. That includes growing in boulders and blocks of granite as you can see in these photos I took on in person (or in tree.)

photo of trees trying to grow out of a stone wall.
I couldn't resist taking this pic of trees trying to grow out of a stone wall. They'll win if someone doesn't cut them off.

As long as the roots can reach moisture and soil, they’ll grow. Tree roots are stronger than any rocks they may encounter.

If you're worried, improve the soil with amendments that meet the need of your particular tree. And be aware of the proper planting depth. If you're planting a new tree, whatever the soil level is on the trunk in the container, is where you want it when you plant in the ground.

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