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Joy and the old GardenKitch sites have been combined into one site that embraces the following purpose:

I want to inspire you to see God in the details. To step back for a few minutes every day to actively look for the hand of God in creation, in the people and things around you, and in your circumstances. To be aware. 


Just as a tracker quietly walking through the wilderness is aware of every sound and scent and alert to changes, we too can become so in tune that we are never far from God’s presence.

God is in the details. I’ll be pointing out those details, and how we can learn from them. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure, and share your stories, too. You'll find our creator is in everything as you read through the various blogs.

Feel free to leave comments, or ask questions! I will leave in place those comments that are positive, encouraging and a help to others. (Those from people who have a bone to pick can post elsewhere.)

Copyright 2020 ~ Joy Kieffer